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Label:  Napalm Records

Release Date: 27 January 2017

Country: Germany

Xandria’s new album reminded me the energy of good Nightwish and the sound of prior and good Epica releases. One hundred percent symphonic metal in every song. It may not reach the quality of the previous album “Sacrificium” but it’s more convincing compared to the new releases of well known symphonic metal bands.

The biggest asset of Xandria is the singer Dianne Van Giesbergen, with her stunning operatic, soothing relaxing moments and mysterious couple. Her voice gives the band a particular identity different from other pseudo opera releases. We have guest male vocals from Van Canto, Myrath, Firewind even Soilwork which add further beauty in the “Theater Of Dimensions

Orchestral components used playfully. Sometimes they create optimistic yet melancholic sounds giving to this album a pompous atmosphere. The guitar work is pretty good with hard and heavy sounds. Listen to the “Where The Heart Is Home” opening riff and the melodic death theme of “We Are Murderers (We All)“. The solos are mostly simple and follow the melody of the voice. The keys are “front” in the mix and with a piano sound that plays along with the soft vocals. There are songs that reminded me the first years of the band like “Burn Me“, (the best duet in my opinion), with guest Zaher Zorgati by Myrath.

Xandria deliver a long work with different and epic songs. Their experimenting in some songs is leading to further success. The “Theater Of Dimensions” is a strong and memorable choir with raw riffs in the background, leaving a strong mark in 2017 regarding the genre. (8)

Konstantinos Paizanos