Vanum were introduced to us about two years ago, with their debut album “Realm of Sacrifice” (Profound Lore) making a special impression to the fans of U.S. black metal sound. The talented duet of K. Morgan and M. Rekevics, who bear the artistic essence and value of exceptional bands of the genre such as Ash Borer, Predatory Light, Fell Voices and Yellow Eyes, will return on August 25th, releasing an ep titled “Burning Arrow” via Eisenwald (EU) and Phsychic Violence Records (U.S.A.).

The two main features of this release are the subtle, epic tone of triumph which runs through the compositions and the impressive volume of quality riffs that add multiple levels to the tracks. The first feature is particularly evident in the opening song titled Watcher In The Eastern Sky”, whose main guitar theme reflects the European North, but more like a faded, beloved memory than a basic influence. “Immortal Will” places their sound in its natural geography and adds a melancholic, dark shroud, with the triumphal elements always present. The ep closes with “Spring of Life”, which combines the compositional philosophies of the two previous tracks. As a positive point of this release, it is worth mentioning the fact that the drums are not limited to a continuous blastbeat. The well-planned and executed use of fillings, changes and more mid tempo moments played, for me at least, an important role in the enjoyment and appreciation of the musical creations of the band.

Overall, in spite of its relatively short duration, this ep leaves the listener full in the end, mainly because of the aforementioned abundant number of ideas applied here and the masterful connection between them. Vanum shoot their arrow directly into the center, engulfing our musical senses in flames. Fantastic release. (9)