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Uerberos were formed in Żory, Poland in August 2015 by Bartlomiej Kaniewski (Inset), Dariusz Kaczorowski (Inset), Bartosz Kaczorowski (Inset) who were later joined by Kamil Scibik (Imperial Sin, Aesthesis). “Tormented by Faith” is their first album, recorded at Rob-Sonic Studio and it was released on February 10. The impressive artwork is the work of Mariusz Harasymów.

In terms of music content, the band is born and bred in the local black/death scene, having the usual influences though Uerberos incorporate more death metal in their style than most of their compatriots, in the vain of bands like Immolation and Morbid Angel. The album’s main features are the thunderous drumming full of changes and blast-beats, the well-built and technical guitar riffs and the steady and top quality vocal performance. Despite the fact that this is their first release, the Polish deathsters show no sign of amateurism whatsoever, producing very interesting compositions (Black Emissary, My Lord, My Father etc.) and executing them flawlessly. The crushing momentum created by switching between tracks without a breath and the high speed which is maintained throughout the album, do not give much space to create an atmosphere but we are fully compensated with plenty of heabanging.

Overall, “Tormented by Faith” is an album that combines the wrath and aggressiveness of the warrior, with the precision and the art of the blacksmith with the sole purpose of storming the heavenly gates. A pleasant surprise that will please any fan of extreme metal sound. This one definitely deserves your attention.(8)