Tribulation - Down Below
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While Tribulation’s first works could be described as thrash/death releases, after 2015 and “Children Of The Night“, the band was formed into something different. So I had a lot of curiosity about what would happen in their new album “Down Below” released on January 26, 2018 via Century Media.

At first glance, we have the continuation of the previous album “Children Of The Night“. A psychedelic journey with deadly melodies that create fear but curiosity about what follows. As if you are in a Gothic era, where all moving in a melancholy style and at the same time they leave a beautiful feeling in the end, as if you are overcoming melancholy. The riffs are simple but rely on the basic concepts of harmony. Rhythmically made to bring a romantic heavy metal feel despite their death metal roots which are hidden there if you analyze that even better. The vocals I presume are charismatic. They sound ominous but leave the feeling of purity and fit perfectly with the atmosphere created by the guitars. We also have keyboards that some moments are as if they came out of King Diamond songs. The drums are much ahead in the mix, you will not hear anything surprising, but here everything works for the whole.

Another lesson how you can produce dear music without having to deal with the technique of playing. Tribulation in “Down Below” are set to seduce their audience once again, and they seem to have a strong foundation to do it. (8)

Konstantinos Paizanos