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On January 13th 2017 Sepultura released their new album via Nuclear Blast. We all know they were formed in 1984 by the brothers Max and Igor Cavalera who are no longer in the band. Max withdrew in 1996 and Igor in 2006. Since then, followers of the band divided and few followed the band named Sepultura. This album shows that they were wrong. For me, it’s their best, second only to “Chaos A.D.
Now the main creator of all compositions is Andreas Kisser; we see heavy sonic experimenting, even keys in some songs. At the same time it keeps the thrash groove metal components which made them successful. Sepultura have always had a wide musical range and mix many species like punk, hardcore and later nu metal. What is more, the traditional Brazilian rhythms. The same thing goes in this album, maybe in a larger percentage. You can also notice a technique that wasn’t there in the past albums, like a natural progress through time (for example the instrumental song “Iceberg Dances”). Drumming in this album should be teached in a seminar. The voice of Derrick Green cannot be compared with Max’s but is decent for this kind of music.
The variation between thrash and slower tempo and the new ideas made my interest bigger when I heard “Machine Messiah”. Sepultura emit hope and the flame still burns inside them despite being in the scene for decades. (8)
Konstantinos Paizanos