It’s been a long time since I wrote for a Greek band, but my choice I think worth international recognition also. The band is Sacral Rage and we will deal with their second album ‘Beyond Celestial Echoes’. They achieved a better album from the debut mainly with the clean production and playing at the same time.

Sacral Rage approaches you with a classic rock n ‘roll feel but at the same time include elements found in other types such as heavy, power and progressive. They love to play fast while holding the groove. The rhythm and riffs alternate without makes you tired. The high-frequency voice all remind us King Diamond, (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate) or Midnight (Crimson Glory), I think is appropriate for a power metal band. The guitar is inspired with space riffs that give identity to each song. The solos also in the same way, give meaning along with a lot of technique. The bass player supports guitarist and the drummer amazingly. For The drummer I read on the internet that plays in many of bands in Athens and proves why they prefer him.

I am very proud as Greek with their release. Besides the head-banging and good time, creates a journey to the history of music you love “heavy metal”. (9)

Konstantinos Paizanos