Where Owls Know My Name

Rivers Of Nihil artists who can perfectly mix the atmosphere with death metal. Their third album seems to have reached a high level. They compose a masterpiece ‘Where Owls Know My Name’ that leaves no space intact. Melody, technique, cruelty, atmosphere, extreme and improvisation all you’ll find here.

Guitars drag you into the songs and take you to the two opposite worlds of serenity and aggression. The rhythms they use are from very simple to very complex. The ballad-like points of intros and bridges are lovable with the bass presiding. I must add that the bass is delightful throughout the record, observe it. The voice is a good classical death voice that often manages to harmonize with the subject. The pure vocals that also fit perhaps should be used a little more. The keys and the saxophone play in two ways, sometimes along the music and sometimes as if they are soloing in a dissonance but they achieve to offer emotion, the same goes for solo guitar. Drummer has been assigned a very difficult task and is doing well.

The Rivers Of Nihil are so chameleons that you could count a very large number of new and old bands that remind you. I will not sit down to write about that but I will let you imagine yourself when you hear it. (9)

Konstantinos Paizanos