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Riffocity is thrash-oriented band from Serres at North Hellas (aka Greece).  The band had been found by Dimitris Kalaitzidis at late 2013Riffocity already self-released the ep called ‘Disciples of the Storm’ and at 20/7/2017 it self-released their debut album entitled ‘Under A Mourning Sky’. If you like thrash metal like Kreator, early Metallica and looking for thrash band with razor riffs on point solos and atmospheric parts, ‘Under A Mourning Sky’ includes all of them and many more.

Current Line-up

Thomas Trabouras – Vocals

Dimitris Kalaitzidis – Guitars and Backing Vocals

George Lezkidis – Guitars

Panos Savvas – Bass Guitar

Tasos Daimantidis -Drums

Under A Mourning Sky” is produced by Riffocity and Bob Katsionis

Mixed and Mastered by Bob Katsionis