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Revocation from Boston tireless has released 7 albums over a decade. At ‘The Outer Ones’, we see their thrash elements disappear and devote themselves to death metal. I think it is their most technical album mainly on guitars.

Speed ​​and technique are their main component, but there are many moments that make some small breaks with melodic lead, acoustic parts and more. Their songs do not repeat parts and have a complex structure but not so much to become tedious. They do not sacrifice their music to commercialism, and most of the time delivers wild death metal without much sweetness. They are more accessible to technical parts if I compare them with this year Obscura’s album and I think these two bands walk on parallel paths. Of course, they have been influenced by historical technical death bands such as Death, Pestilence, Atheist and others but they look like evolution of the genre.

Generally speaking, it is a restful album in relation to other tech death bands because when they become monotonous they come in with another riff that breaks this feeling. Finally, it gives a space death metal atmosphere that travels you and lets you complete if you are a fan of the genre. (9)

Konstantinos Paizanos