Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs

Orphaned Land come from Israel, a country that can hardly offer opportunities to the metal music field. They continue to do what they know best since the early 90’s which is to mix oriental with metal and deliver it in a unique way. many feared that the departure of the founding member ‘Sassi’, the guitarist who characterized their sound, would lead to their decline. I believe ‘Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs’ is an album that will shine like a star throught the year, even though it was released in the beginning of the year, most specifically in 26/01/2018 via Century Media Records.

This revolutionary band that spreads the message of peace and unity moves at this wavelength again. The album is inspired by Plato’s writings and the frustrated expectations of peaceful revolutionaries throughout history. Throughout the album, white noises and beeps are used to censor this message, as it is today in modern society. Its atmosphere is successful, the progressive element that goes into the music more and more with time, is even more evident. The dramatic voice of Kobi Farhi’s along with the music sequence excites the listener and guides him through rare metal paths. They have many contradictions, they are simple but also progressive, angry but also serene, traditional and modern. Perhaps this is what makes them so unique. There is a similarity to Myrath’s album ‘Legacy’ but here metal is more prominent.

Orphaned Land, in addition to the versatile music they attribute to each song separately, want to believe that the world will also take into account the messages they want to spread for the better future.(8)

Konstantinos Paizanos