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Obituary have an amazing 30-year old course so far, which even them hadn’t imagined at the start of their career. The tenth studio album called “Obituary“, was released via Relapse Records on March 17th, 2017 and continues this upward course. They sound as powerful as the first grand releases, while having fun and satisfy their fans.

The two Tardy brothers, Donald (drums), John (vocals) and Trevor Peres (rhythm guitar) are a team from the beginning of the band. It’s not something you see often, three people playing together for so long, to have the same passion to write and keep the band at such a high level. The new members, Terry Butler (bass) and Kenny Andrews (lead guitar), proved to be very professional too and revitalized the band both at studio releases and live performances.

Concerning the sound, I think that we have to do with a classic metal album that could be heard with pleasure as a whole. The songs are not supported by blast beat variety, but with some more groovy components that in my opinion are more difficult to find in death metal. The album is causing the listener a dancing headbang and makes him contemplate at the era of 90’s death metal. Having faith in their distinctive sound, they make simplicity a recipe for success.

This album is going to bring huge smiles on the faces of those who love the classic material. I listened to it many times without getting tired at all and I can say that it won me. Obituary should be very proud that they are part of the beginning and the continuity of current death metal. (7,5)

Konstantinos Paizanos