At a clearly professional level, Need released their fourth album and I guess they will make many people talk about them. Early in 2017, 17 January to be exact, they already have put the stakes high for this new year. They lead us into a fantastic and hypnotic world through narratives with magical music atmosphere. The lyrics seem to try to reconstruct and interpret the existential concerns of people. These capable musicians appear to create this album not only for the fame, but to express their inner world through art too.
Influenced by bands like Fates Warning, Dream Theater and maybe Nevermore, they combine what they listen to and create something with his own identity. The singer is one of the strongest attributes of the band and his great capabilities make the band shine like a diamond. They also use these wonderful female vocals at some points to change the atmosphere. The musicians are close to each other and perform progressive metal without unnecessary blabbing and closer to the groove element. They create a wonderful atmosphere through well chosen sonic scales on guitar and keyboards. Musical interchange is the main feature. Even at the point where the girl speaks to her father about her dream, the piano toggles depending on what the girl says. Of course there are some traditional Greek root signs here and there, clearly you can hear them at the beginning of the epic last song “hegaiamas“.
In the year 2017 in which many believe we have seen almost everything in the music industry almost, here come Need to create something very impressive. Through strong and loose moments. I heard “Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom” many times and I constantly discover new things every time. (9) 

Konstantinos Paizanos