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” Urn “ will be released on October 27, 2017 via Season Of Mist and is not just a perfectly executed technical challenge, but a realization of feelings of peace and sometimes dynamism that the listener certainly does not expect. It’s just their third album, and although each is a masterpiece, I think ” Urn “ is the peak of their career.

Music alternates from the slowest to the fastest tempo, always remaining technical and progressive. We have a vocal delight with the melodic voice of Charles and the brutal opposition Xenoyr. In many occasions they coexist and they still make you feel that they are also a musical instrument. The riffs on the guitars are simple and complex but always powerful. In the loose spots we have acoustic guitar boots. Solos go along with the music and at the same time impeccably performed. The drummer is bringing them closer to the black metal element with the very fast double bass and blast beats but he also paints all other parts in a perfect way. The gentleman with the violin fighting alongside the guitars and many times overshadows the guitar solo. During the acoustic parts he takes the lead role and travels us to his music sounds of feast.

Ne Obliviscaris have managed to convince us that the violin fits into extreme metal music, those who love this style will enjoy the ” Urn “. All in all, it is an album that creates a brain journey for the listener through mysterious and jolly landscapes that only they can create. (9)

Konstantinos Paizanos