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The Low Spark

The Low Spark is a surprising trio from Cyprus that released its debut album “Few But Many” on May 18st, 2017. The album contains eight songs of original progressive rock.

At the first hearing, I realized that I was dealing with good, expert musicians who present something pleasant to listen to, but at the same time something quite complicated with interchanges and the mix of many genres together. You can discern psychedelic rock riffs with a few jazz elements, even adding some blues and soul strokes with a hefty dose of ambiance. I don’t think the songs where written between strict lines and one can spot improvisations on the rhythm and solos resulting in a beautiful outcome. The vocals stand firmly on the music and are quite atmospheric throughout the album.

The Low Spark brings in mind the traditional progressive rock of the ‘70s but you can find many modern things in there if you pay enough attention. Listening to “Few But Many” I spent forty minutes without getting bored. The flow has won me and since it is their debut, it seems they have layed some strong groundwork for their way into the future. (7)

Konstantinos Paizanos