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Kreator’s new album sounds refreshing while most of the songs belong to the old school thrash metal genre. They mix thrash and melody quite smoothly. These extreme sound veterans have a lot of energy and their songs have many memorable moments, but I don’t know if their followers expect this much.

There are some experiments in their sound, some orchestral themes, the piano and bagpipes but they are hardly noticeable. Guitar riffs seem to have been played in older songs but the solos are pretty good. Petrozza’s voice with its angry style is characteristic and with music harmony but seems a bit faded through time. Rhythm section remains stereotype and does not bring anything new in their sound. Ventor, at his age, playing such drums is incredible. The polished production they have since “Enemy Of God” makes their sound more impressive. Lyrics of Kreator never appealed to me, music was what made me follow them. In this album appears once again that they have nothing to give lyrically and repeated.

There is a melodic turn in this album compaired to the previous ones which is more noticeable from the middle to the end. Listen to the catchy riff of “Army Of Storms” and how influenced “Hail To The Hordes” is by classic heavy metal. I think this change works in their favor because they satisfy those who wanted to listen to thrash and those who wanted them to be more melodic as well.

Gods Of Violence” was released in 27 January 2017 via Nuclear Blast. In these bad times for thrash, Kreator release something that revives the scene and is enjoyable at the same time. Undoubtedly  they could have done better but on the other hand they could have retire after what they accomplished all these years. They continue to make music with decency and unlimited creativity. (7,5)

Konstantinos Paizanos