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Sorrows Path are a constant in the doom/prog metal in Greece. I had the chance to chat with the founding member Kostas Salomidis. We had a very pleasant talk about the past, Sorrows Path latest release “Touching Infinity” and what lies in the future for the band.

D.P: I noticed that since the release of the debut the band is typical with the discography. What was it that happened before and you did not get into this process earlier? Give us some insight about the past how you started and what you encountered.

K.S: The band has been around since the early 90’s and was founded by me and Takis Drakopoulos, the bassist in 1993, but unfortunately we had some serious health issues. As soon as the demo came out, Takis passed away from a brain disease. So it was hard to get started but we went on, we released the promo and we were ready to release the album. We made pre-recordings, but we all finally decided to finish with our military duties first. So we started in 2000 again and we had a new hiatus because I had a serious accident and due to a complication, I could not play the guitar for four years. We started again(!) in 2005 with the departure of the drummer and found a new one. After so many years we got to do a remaster, since the name of the band became a cult, with the revival of doom sound. Since 2005 we are an active band with live shows and discography. We went through a number of companies, now we have Iron Shield Records. They are very professional and we are absolutely satisfied.

D.P: The orientation of your music has always been doom metal?

K.S: Doom back in the 90’s did not exist in Greece. We were like aliens who lived on earth. As adolescents, we had influences like Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Memento Mori etc. In this case we can say doom was there but there was also a progressive element which was more profound after our completed releases.

D.P: It is percepted from the first listening of the album that you listen to songs with identity, which is what happened in previous albums. How do you think you accomplish this?

K.S: Thank you very much for this, it is an honor. I believe that when you look at yourself purely for what you are, you get an identity because you speak through your soul. We do not try to copy, nor be fan boys and if you do, it is better to make a tribute band. We have our idols we take a look inside and we express ourselves.

D.P: There is a shift in the last album to a more technical approach with the riffs and solos. What you think is responsible for this evolution?

K.S: There was a talk about doing something more catchy in the good sense of the term, small pieces but mainly the role of changing members. Yiannis Tsiligakis left, and Giorgos Vichos came with that style of his and his technical guitar playing.

D.P: You managed to keep a solid line-up for many years which is really admirable and rare. What’s the secret?

K.S: The changes that were made were obligatory, those who left settled permanently away. The band is like a family and it is very important for us to coexist members and have chemistry with each other. The main core is me the singer and the bassist, we exist over twenty years ago nothing has changed nor will it change I think. The tough part is that you can hardly use music professionally in Greece, and that’s what divided us. We managed to cover our budget with great effort.

D.P: Regarding the lyrics what are the topics that make you pick up a paper and a pencil and express yourself through songs?

K.S: In the previous three full length albums we had a concept. The first mentioned pain, compassion and other emotional states of people. The second was for a regenerated existence that realizes it’s limits and vanishes vanity and ephemeral goods. In the new album, the concept trilogy was completed. In this, the central idea is the acquisition of self-awareness and freedom. Positive things such as creation, beauty, respect in a world where ugliness, disaster and destruction are dominating. Eventually, one comes in harmony with himself and his living space. So improving your inner state, you also improve the environment you live in.

D.P: How do you manage to produce so energetic metal after so many years? What is it that keeps you going, success or love for music more?

K.S: We are grateful to people who give things to the band. They help us produce music. There is love but the support of the world gives you wings, helps you stand tall and it is like a power from below gives you the strength to continue. Since you love what you do and when you are around since the 90’s and you will be around in the future despite difficult situations, I think it is sincere what we do.

D.P: I wish you good luck because you deserve it, what about the future?

K.S: Thank you, we try to be stable and continue with the discography in a consistent manner. Our last live was to support Candlemass in April 2017, then the drummer left, we found a replacement. But we want to get along with him, so the next live is in March 4, 2018 in Modu club, Athens. Tethra + Sorrows Path, Terra Icωgnita, Warship we are waiting for you there. Later we think of a mini tour towards the end of 2018 and of course we are always working on new ideas.

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