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Undoubtedly, the musical space occupied by the post genre, where the beloved German act Heretoir moves, has a tendency to approach the mainstream side of metal and I do not know if this angers or pleases me. My selfish side thinks that it’s unfair for people like me who listen such music since the end of the 80’s, to see such diamonds like these being approached by listeners who just have a superficial contact with them or listen to them following a certain trend but my altruist side is content that bands like Heretoir finally get the recognition they deserve. Until I decide which of my two sides comes on top, I have already pressed the repeat button on my cd-player for repeated pleasure. Their first album that brought us all closer has already won its place in many lists featuring the best releases in the genre and their second and most recent onε is just the icing on the cake. The result is beautiful and outrageously spectacular. “The Circle” really gives the listener a kick to the balls in order to get him to a place of “serious listening” so that not even a single second gets wasted. Musically, Heretoir make a big leap forward compared to their debut. The melodies blend well with the drumming and the insistent/intense guitar paths intertwine perfectly with the basslines, the acoustic interludes and the ambient soundscapes which make their appearance quite often. All those under a thick dark skin which stretches when the vocals take on the role of an emotional charger as Eklatanz performs a wide range of vocals from calm voices to harsh blackened screams that make the trip even more intelligent. Certainly  the fact that beloved Neige of Alcest makes a surprise appearance on the song “Laniakea Dances” contributes to the latter.

From any point of view, “The Circle” is a passionate album which gives you the neccessary roughness – aggression and guides you through calmer, more atmospheric landscapes when needed which satisfy even the most avant garde tastes of the demanding listeners . The duration of over an hour scales the need for novelty that the listener needs without tiring him/her at all. In conclusion, both musically and aesthetically Heretoir’s “The Circle”  is a jewel and will certainly be featured in the end of the year lists. Give it a chance even if you do not belong to the sect of post-like music. You will probably fiind multiple pleasures in this one and in case you want to see them perform live like I do, it would be wise to arrange a trip to neighboring Italy where they will appear alongside Ghost Bath this summer. (9)


The album was released on March 24th via Northern Silence Productions.



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The poster of their upcoming European tour: