der weg einer freiheit - finisterre

Although black metal is not my cup of tea, I decided listen to this band because I read very good reviews in other magazines. The fantastic mix of atmosphere and barbarity captured me and I decided to write something about Der WegEinerFreiheit. The album is called “Finisterre” and released on 25/08/2017 via Season Of Mist.

First of all, the songs are long but they do not use the repeated riffs for the sake of the atmosphere. Each song has a structure and composition that makes “Finisterre” a beautifully complete work. It is mostly melodic and has a classic black metal feel, but with lots of freshness. The vocals are just as I want them in a black metal band, delivering aggressiveness and melodramatic parts. There are also very few clean ones that increase the contrast in music. The drums “roller” stand out in the set with a variety of blast beats. There is nothing impressive about the guitars, but they deserve credit for the clarity of the performance and how compact they are in the treble parts as well as the deepest bass parts. The mixing was done by them and I think they did a really good job.

The Germans have assimilated many parts of the genre and by filtering it all they keep the essence of the subject. So they manage to be close to the top of the ascending atmospheric black metal scene. (8)

Konstantinos Paizanos