Thousands of ideas within two albums that make you lose the chronological identity of the songs. Shredders instrument players who are not just staying in the technique. Changes in aggressive and serene sound match the transformations of the protagonist from the concept. The story in ‘Automata‘ is a man who, while he sleeps, a company is broadcasting his dreams. On this journey, the protagonist is looking for the lost family and going through various psychological transitions. In the second part, the protagonist finds the house he was dreaming and the serenity he was looking for, but we do not know if this is true or a lie.

Perhaps in the first part we will hear more progressive rock sounds like Porcupine Tree, while the second most progressive metal like Dream Theater but this is not absolute as well as nothing in their music. They continue to surprise you and often go to something you do not expect. You must hear to the albums many times to have a complete opinion and to be initiated into their work. First album is more complete because its duration is bigger but personally liked the second more even though it is small. The main reason for this is the song ‘Voice Of Trespass’, where they take the step further with swing rhythm, jazz elements and wind instruments  fitting the into their own frame. Each piece of the two discs is so powerful that it can stand as a separate one, but at the same time you still feel it as part of the whole.

A lot of people dealing with music will quit their practice, disappointed that they cannot reach that level. Between The Buried And Me put the bar high and we wonder what can follow from them in the future. (9)

Konstantinos Paizanos