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Amorphis have been in existence since 1990 and all these years seem to be at the top of their career. Their death doom roots are in the new album but they keep all the elements of their evolution so far. Perhaps this record has the most progressive trend without losing their ability to write songs that are easy to remember.

The ‘Queen of Time’ is orchestrated to give sometimes symphonic character and some traditional folk melodies. Atmospheric guitars dominate once again with leads and rhythms that take off and shape the basic character of the songs. Progressive rock reports are created through the sounds of the keys. Drum and bass are dedicated to dynamic rhythm performance. As for the singer Tomi Joutsen is one of my loved ones. I think he is the best among those who make brutal and clear vocals at the same time. His abilities are enormous and nothing is missing from the era of previous singer Pasi Koskinen.

Amorphis offer their fans another work with melancholic and melodic sound landscapes. Together with the lyrical references to Finnish mythology and culture, they complete their work in a wonderful way. You will find no weakness as many times you will hear it, each song being unique and distinctive. (9)

Konstantinos Paizanos