Letters from the Edge
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Welcome to a journey into space itself in which its divinity is formed by progressive components and blackened chaos: Sear Bliss ‘Letters From The Edge’. Externally mighty and internally filling, Hungary’s metallic frontrunners once again apply their signature formula of conjoining elegance and evil; two separate worlds that flawlessly connect into one special entity of supreme distinction. A galactic quest in which Sear Bliss rewrites the rules of experimental metal is found within ‘Letters From The Edge’, and the trip is very exciting, believe us. Though containing common black metal qualities, ‘Letters From The Edge’ shows a neat shape of Sear Bliss own originality mixed in with several usual endowments.

Overall, we dare to say ‘Letters From The Edge’ is a fantastic album with countless incidents of atypical independence and atmospheric delight. There really isn’t anything potentially negative here at all; everything is solid as a rock, and the consistent display of cosmic instrumentation definitely make this record a capital idol in Sear Bliss discography. Those looking for something outside the musical norm will most certainly appreciate ‘Letters From The Edge’ and its metaphysical significance as a black metal recording unlike most of the genre itself.