Having released one of the best albums of the year and having just returned from a successful european tour, Greek crust punks Procrastinate choose their favourite albums for 2017 for the extreme edition of Dark Pulse.

Wolfbrigade – Run with the Hunted

One of the most dynamic comebacks from one of the most influential crsut/hardcore band of the Scandinavian wave.

Glue – S/T MLP

Ionized U.S. hardcore punk.

Dawn Ray’d – The Unlawful Assembly

Black Metal accompanied by violin, promoting anarchist politics. Definately a much needed exception to a very problematic scene.

Exit Order – Seed of Hysteria

Punk rock/Hardcore Punk clearly influenced by Boston 90’s hardcore scene.

Limp Wrist – Facades

Queer hardcore punx attack!

All Pigs Must Die – Hostage Animal

U.S. metallic hardcore punk scene’s all star team continues to do what it knows best .

Ashkara – In Silence

Particularly emotional melodic crust with strings.

Antimob/Choris Ikto (Without Mercy) – Split 7”

Greek hardcore punk σύμπραξη, that stands out.

Myteri – Ruiner

DIY Swedish neocrust scene has a new name and it’s Myteri.

Chaotic End – Yposxesi (A Promise)

24 years later, the legendary hardcore punk band that shaped the Greek scene is back and it’s like not even a day has passed.

Molisma – Tainted Mass

With their second EP consolidate themselves as one of the bet bands of the Greek scene.

Autarch/Landbridge – Split LP

A split between two great U.S. melodic crust/harcore punk bands, quality guaranteed by Alerta Antifascista Records.

Anasarka – Demo

New blood in the Greek DIY scene. A unique blend of black metal and hardcore punk.

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