One of the best crust ablums of this year, comes from the glorious city of Gothenburg in Sweden. The quintet of Myteri released its new full-length album titled “Ruiner” in October via a wide network of d.i.y. labels.

Rooted in scandinavian crust and d-beat, Myteri grow firm branches in this release, incorporating various elements of extreme music in general. The band consolidates its musical watermark, creating songs with intense melodic aggressiveness, staying heavy at the same time. They easily navigate around the steppe of boring repetition, keeping the listener’s interest and adrenaline high throughout the release. The album’s slower parts give you the much needed time to catch your breath, while certain elements like the addition of violin and piano parts, the “posty” build ups and the sound samples “widen” “Ruiner”, making the band’s music cross the margins of crust.

Myteri also prove that they are talented musicians. The album is full of inspiration and songs written with taste and method, while John’s vocals cut through steel. Last but not least, the “ode to toms” in the drum pattern and the catchy main riff we listen to in “Dödens Hav” make this song one of the best I’ve heard this year.

Amazed by the album, I contacted Myteri and had a chat with the band’s bass player Franz Alfredsson.

D.P.: Hello guys, let’s start with an introduction. Could you tell us a few things about the history of your project?

Franz: We started late 2013. In 2014 we released our first CD ep and in 2015 our first LP and a split 7″ with Born For Slaughter from Macedonia. We have toured a bunch of countries in Europe over the years. We have toured together with bands like Agenda, Avast, Gränslandet and we have shared the stage with amazing bands like Link, Born For Slaughter, Adacta, Protestera, Systemfel, Totalt Jävla Mörker and many more. And we have of course met a lot of wonderful people and made many friends.

D.P.: Hailing from Sweden and Gothenburg in specific, provides a quite rich environment of influences. Does that have an impact on your music? Which are your major influences?

Franz: I do believe that it have a big impact on our music. There’s lots of bands, people, music and art and of course some of that stick to us. I think there is a thick layer of ‘scandi-crust’ in our music, but not too much. Many of our musical influences are not Swedish. Ekkaia, From Ashes Rise, Svalbard, Fall Of Efrafa for example.

D.P.: What’s your take on today’s crust/hc punk scene? Which bands or local scenes stand out for you?

Franz: It feels like the scene is alive an kicking. There’s so many people around the world doing their best to create an alternative to the capitalist world. Small bubbles of hope in a grim and bleak world. So many bands struggle an uphill battle to make their music. There are places where music and especially punk/hc is illegal. All those bands and those scenes are worthy of everyone’s respect. Those bands really stand out. One local scene that is really special to us is Stavanger, Norway. The fiery spirits there really give everything they have to keep the scene alive. Support Siloen Booking!

D.P.: You recently released your second full-length album titled “Ruiner” digitally. Could you tell us a few things about the process of making the album?

Franz: “Ruiner” was recorded by our friend Kim Gravander in Studio Svavel. Just like the first album. Kim knows us well and know how to handle us when we are a pain in his ass. The LP is released by Alerta Antifascista Records, Halvfabrikat Records, Phobia Records, Replenish Records, Chaos Rural Records and Svoboda Records. There’s also a CD version on the way released by Halvfabrikat Records, Bloodsoaked Records, Fight For Your Mind Records and Selfmadegod Records.

D.P.: In your new album you incorporate a few elements outside crust/hc hardcore like the “posty” twist in “Mörka Återvändsgränder” or the groovy riff in “Dödens Hav”. Is that a hint for more diverse compositions in the albums to come?

Franz: Who knows? We evolve as musicians and as a band. We get new influences and discover new music almost every day. So I don’t know what the next record will sound like. There’s only one thing for sure, it will sound like Myteri.

D.P.: “Ruiner” is released via different d.i.y. labels. With bands like Martyrdod and Wildspeaker joining the rosters of major labels like Relapse and Prosthetic Records, do you think that it would be even more difficult for d.i.y. ethics to survive in the future?

Franz: There will always be a D.I.Y community for sure. I don’t really think that it will affect the D.I.Y scene at all actually. How could it? As long as there is people who are fed up with the system there will be resistance. D.I.Y is resistance.

D.P.: What are your plans for the future? Any tours or other releases planned?

Franz: We’re heading out on a small tour together with our friends Protestera late November. A little trip to Germany and Denmark. And the release party for “Ruiner” is on November 4th in Gothenburg. Check our facebook page for details. We are planning to do some touring next year but we don’t know the details yet.

D.P.: Anything else you want to share with your fans in Greece and elsewhere?

Franz: Thanks for your support! We really appreciate it. And thanks for the interview. Support the D.I.Y conspiracy worldwide.Peace and love from Franz and the rest of Myteri.

Listen and buy Myteri’s music on their bandcamp page and read the band’s news on their Facebook page.