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Jeff Grimal has parted ways with French post-black metallers The Great Old Ones. He was one of the guitarists and second vocalist of the band for the last seven years. J.Grimal announced his decision via facebook:

“Dear friends, After so many years with The Great Old Ones, I made the decision to leave the adventure. It was a very rewarding experience for me, and I will remember it for a long time. This initiative had been in my head for some time. It’s not for negative reasons but simply to go to other artistic horizons. Nevertheless, I will continue to create the artworks for the band, because our friendship is indestructible. I had wonderful years with them, intense memories from all the concerts and people I met. All this will remain engraved in my heart and I wish them a great musical success.”

The band’s mastermind, Benjamin Guerry, stated:

“It’s of course with sadness that we announce the departure of Jeff from The Great Old Ones. But there are things we cannot control, especially when a choice is strictly personal. Jeff needs to focus on his own projects, like Spectrale, whose amazing debut album was recently released, and that we strongly invite you to (re) discover. If his departure does not influence the songwriting and lyrics, we still lose one of our voices, and more personally, the first person who joined me in the adventure the day I decided that TGOO would not be a one-man band. I will now ensure vocal parts alone, helped by my acolytes for backing of course, and a new guitarist will join our ranks, The Great Old Ones remaining a band with three guitars.

Be reassured, we separate in excellent terms, with our perfect tour last December. Of course, and this with a common will, we will continue to work together for artworks, Jeff’s sublime Art being, from the beginning, at the center of the visual part of the band. In addition, the current line-up is extremely tight, highly motivated to go back on the roads to offer you ever more intense shows. We wish him a good continuation, and success in all his projects, that they are life project, musical, and artistic in a general way. We take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year, thank you all for your support, get ready to see us stronger than ever.”