I’m in a band that is unsigned. Will you review our album / demo / our concert?

We are happy to present new bands through our webzine and we are always happy to support young artists and recognise their potential and talent. We believe in an honest approach that gives us integrity and reliability and we consider constructive criticism to be more significant than false praises. We do our best to meet all requests for evaluations which are related to the dark, extreme and metal style of Dark Pulse. We judge based on professionalism and that is why we support groups that have released a physical version of their work, except for the digital one. The reason is that we consider their work as a complete package (cover art, lyrics, booklet, etc.) and do not judge just the sonic result. Since there are bands that want to behave professionally, they will have priority. When we receive material that is not mixed or bears no information about the artist or the songs or does not refer to a website there will be no response because that would be unfair -at least- towards the other bands that struggle for a professional result. If you wish to send us your work for us to review make sure that the CD contains all the information about the band, songs and the genre of the music. You can send your disc at: 38, Dimitriou Nika str, Katerini, Postal Code: 60134, Greece or alternatively at promo@darkpulse.org with the subject: ALBUM/DEMO REVIEW and the band’s name.

The evaluation of a live performance must be preceded by a review or your album or demo. Contact info@darkpulse.org with the subject: LIVE REVIEW and the band name.

 I am a writer / reporter / photographer / filmmaker and want to work with Dark Pulse. How do I apply?

We are interested in your photos and articles. We are constantly looking for people with experience in journalism or photography / camera / video editing but it is not obligatory. We want people with passion and excitement about the music and the culture of dark, extreme and metal realm and people who have the confidence to write their honest opinion and thoughts about an album or any other subject. Consistency and compliance with deadlines is the most important qualification. Another very important issue is the fluency in English. You can fill the contact form we’ll get back at you soon.

Will you promote my concert or event?

You can send us material for the upcoming event or concert at live@darkpulse.org. The material includes a poster in good resolution, facebook event link and a press-release text. Because we want our readers to be informed about everything around dark, extreme and metal culture, we will support you. We offer you free advertising banners 7 days prior and up to the day of the event, with the necessary social media notifications and a post of the event at our calendar. If you want anything more, you can ask for it and we will arrange it. In return, we ask our logo to be at the event’s poster, and 2 invitations, one for our photographer and one for our journalist to write the review.

I want to advertise my new album / material / company through Dark Pulse. Can you link my business to your site?

As the space of advertising space is limited, you need to contact us at info@darkpulse.org with the subject: ADVERTISEMENT and the associated name to make a deal. It is imperative that your company is associated even remotely with our site, as this will be more effective for you, because it will draw the attention of most of our readers. This includes anything related to extreme, dark or metal culture: music, movies, alternative fashion, arts, photography, typography, cafe / bar etc. We are willing to include your business at Dark Pulse, just attach us the link of your site along with your email.